July 11, 2010


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Sunday, July 11, 2010


This morning, I got up way too early, and met Jill at the Cathedral at 7:20.  We jumped on the train at Uppsala Station at 8, and we were off!

Once we got to Stockholm, we got on a boat and we were off to Birka!

The ride there took about an hour and a half.  It was long.  I tanned on the way, and surprisingly didn’t burn at all!

Lake Malaren

Lake Malaren

Once there, we heard the announcement that this was Viking Market weekend.  So, in addition to seeing the museum, getting a tour of the island, and seeing a Viking Village, we got to buy awesome Viking things!

We had half an hour before the tour, so we bummed around, and went to some of the different booths.  I bought a couple souvenirs, and was talking to a lady about nålbinding when the horn blew to announce the start of our tour.

Viking Camp

Viking Camp

The tour was great!  We walked all around the island, near where the town, the fortress, and the wall used to be.

The town site:

Birka Townsite

Birka Townsite

The wall and fortress:

The Wall/ Berm

The Wall/ Berm

After the tour, I went to the museum.  It sucked.  Almost everything there was a reproduction, except for a case of combs.

Case of Combs

Case of Combs

After the museum, I wandered down to the Viking Village, a reproduction of how Birka might have looked in its heyday.  All of the houses were really small, compared to the longhouse at Ravensborg, but that’s how it was in Birka.  Small houses for trade, decreed by the king.

Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

I talked to a Viking reenactor at the Village, by the name of Johan.  He claims he knows at least one of the Jomsborg Elag from Texas who joined us at Ravensborg this spring.  This is such a small world.

After I was done strolling through the village, I went back to the market and bought way too many pretty things.  It was really difficult to not buy a bunch of linen or wool for tunics and coats and cloaks and pants, but I resisted!

All too soon, the boat had to leave, and I and Jill made our way back to the boat.

Me and Birka

Me and Birka

The trip back to Stockholm was uneventful, and once we got there, it was only 4:30.  So, we went and ate supper by the royal palace, and then wandered around Gamla Stan, or the Old Town.  I bought a couple of last souvenirs for people in my family, then we headed back to the train station.

Jill couldn’t get her debit card to work in the ticket machine, so she told me to go ahead so I could shower and sleep, and she took the next train back.

I made it back to Uppsala without further trouble, and made it to my apartment and crashed.  My knees have rebelled and told me they will not allow any more stairs until tomorrow.  Pity.

‘Til tomorrow then!



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