July 8, 2010


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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Today, Erik, Birgitta, Kaisa, Ingvar, and Magareta came to visit me in Uppsala!  They came at 2:30, and we all walked to the Cathedral Café for coffee and sweets.  I had a lovely cappuccino and some cold chocolaty thing that was absolutely delicious!

It was good to see them again.  We all talked over coffee for some time, I doing much better at communicating in Swedish than I thought I would, and making jokes about Norwegians and laughing.  (“Do you know how to save a Norwegian?”  “No.”  “Good!”)

Ingvar and Erik!

Ingvar and Erik!

Kaisa and Magareta

Kaisa and Magareta

Then they gave me a very special wedding gift—a real bindmössa, or Folk Costume Skull Cap!  Traditionally, women only wear these caps if they are married, so I have a month before I can wear it anyway.  However, I still have to make my new folk costume for a married woman anyway, so I can wait.

Holding the hat:

It's Such a Pretty Hat!

It's Such a Pretty Hat!

Trying on the hat:



It's so pretty!

It's so pretty!

Erik and Birgitta:

My Dear Swedish Friends

My Dear Swedish Friends

It was so good to visit with my friends from Ockelbo, and I was very honored to receive such an amazing gift.  Thank-you, my friends!

Tomorrow the school is taking the students who did not go to Finland on a trip to Sigtuna.  The Viking market is there, so I am excited for that!  Hopefully I can get some souvenirs for some of the people back home.

Til tomorrow evening!



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